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Kyle Jones

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Kyle Jones
MODE- informational and factual 
MEDIA- informational 
AUDIENCE- anyone that wants to learn about their fears
PURPOSE- to inform phobias and fears 
SITUATION- in one that has the person lost and the person wants to know if they have a certain fear of some sorts and to find out why they have this fear 

What did you research and why?

I research different types of phobias, the way they affect people, and ways to help get over, or at least help, with phobias and fears. Because I wanted to help people to not be in the dark about what most of Americans deal with everyday and to have a place to know about phobias and different types of them. 

What did you create and why?
I created an informational blog about phobias and fears that conveys what phobias are and a little bit of history about phobias to help people understand why phobias exist and to show that there is way to handle phobias. 


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