Marissa Clark

MODE- Informational and very persuasive 
MEDIA- Video (youtube)
AUDIENCE- High school students, teachers, anyone interested with starting a links program 
PURPOSE- Links has impacted so many students in Bath High School and more schools should start this program
SITUATION- know how to use I move and mash videos together,and know how to upload things on to youtube. 
need to know stuff about links (Maybe even be a link)

What did you research and why?
I researched about links and how links has impacted BHS because links has impacted me very much this semester. I wanted to show Bath High School and the kids who have not been impacted by the links program that they can be impacted and more people need to join links because it is a great program. Also to show the teachers/community that doing this program was a great idea and has truly impacted students lives tremendously. This is not a video just for Bath High School but also any other schools that are thinking about doing a program like links. Links has been a great addition to our school and I can't wait to watch the links program continue to grow and impact more and more students and teachers lives, just like it has impacted mine.

What did you create and why?
I made a video about how links impacted "Bath High School Students". This video consists of me interviewing other students and pictures/videos of us having fun with our links. I created his to show Bath community and other communities how much the links program has impacted my life and many other students life it amazing ways. Zach and Alexis both have taught me amazing things this semester and can't wait to get even closer to them next semester. I know I am no the only one at Bath High School that feels that way, Links is and amazing program and I hope it continues to grow. I also created this to put just a few of the good memories in this semester and get students opinions on what links has done for them.