Fiore Manso-Coats



MODE- First person Informative
MEDIA- A Website
AUDIENCE- This website reaches out to people who want to get intact with their inner spirit, mind and physical wellness, this can apply to people who don't know what yoga is and the affect it has on your body.
PURPOSE- The purpose of my website is to inform people on why the yoga lifestyle is very important if you want to be in good health for many years, It encourages people to get out and do some yoga while making it look interesting and fun, it includes different forms of yoga and specific stretches that help different parts of the body so you know exactly what you need.
SITUATION- Yoga has so many possible benefits, I'm sure that if you used yoga and meditation instead of recreational drugs and painkillers for stress and body aches you'll feel so great and actually have an optimistic look on life. Yoga impacted my life and took it over, i want to bring that feeling of well-being and overall peace to others 

What did you research and why? I researched different aspects of yoga, the physical and mental benefits that make yoga worth while. I am really into yoga and someday i may want to be a yoga teacher so i thought i may as well gain knowledge on the subject if id like to pursue it someday. 

What did you create and why? I created an informational website giving accurate information on how yoga affects your body and why its important to have it in your life. I have always had a calling to it and i think it could really help some people who are struggling out in a way that they haven't experienced before.