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Justin Brown 11

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MODE- Informational - Research & Analysis
MEDIA- Website
AUDIENCE- Anybody interested in learning about underrepresentation of certain stories in the media and what it takes for a story to make national headlines.
PURPOSE- I would like to educate those who don't understand how death/tragedies around the world are weighted differently by news outlets and they have to meet a few criteria in order to make it on the news.
SITUATION- In my research in death around the world, I found it interesting how I would stumble across these serious stories and wonder why they would not be getting as much attention as these other stories in the news that were arguably very similar.

What did you research and why?
I researched stories about people dying around the world, all with different levels of media representation, in order to have information for my website to be based off of. I did this because these types of stories caught my interest when I was researching.

What did you create and why?
I created an informational website that displays different cases of death around the world and how they were reported in news outlets. I then analyzed what was similar and different between them and came up with 4 criteria that explains why some deaths get more attention than others. I created this because it would have answered the questions running through my head while I was researching these tragedies.

LINK TO GENIUS HOUR PROJECT: 19jbrown5.wixsite.com/geniushour


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