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Paiton Allen

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AUDIENCE-The target audience for my website is anyone who enjoys science like students,teachers,doctors,etc.
PURPOSE-I want to inform my audience on what cancer actually is and how science is trying to get rid of the cancer cells we are born with. 
SITUATION-I was curious on why certain people will get cancer and certain people will not even though everyone is born with a cancer cell in their bodies. 

What did you research and why?
I researched what can eliminate cancer cells. I lost my step dad to cancer and my questions about how the cancer cells form and why we have them were never answered, so I took it upon myself to answer those questions. So many people battle cancer or die from cancer but these questions are rarely asked. 

What did you create and why?
I created a website because I wanted to inform my readers and I did not want to be biased in my information. I want my readers to learn more about cancer. There are so many websites all over the internet about cancer topics but there was not a website that included what cancer was and how cancer develops over time. 



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