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Sydney Whiting

Page history last edited by Sharon Murchie 5 years, 7 months ago


MODE- Non-fiction informative
MEDIA- Website
AUDIENCE- Women or anyone else who is interested in Time's Up
PURPOSE- To inform people on the movement and the actions being taken to help people facing sexual abuse
SITUATION- I made a site based on summaries, videos, and images so that there were plenty of resources available to readers

What did you research and why?

I researched the Time's Up movement. Sexual harassment has been in the news consistently since October, and I've followed it since. I never really realized the extent of what was happening, but after researching I was both intrigued and disgusted, so I've stuck with the topic since.

What did you create and why?

I created an informative website, and I included many images and videos to my site. I relied a lot on images, videos, and links because this is a controversial topic. Instead of trying to persuade the audience, I gave them lots of resources so that they could form their own ideas on the topic, and take from it what they chose to. 




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