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Madison Hoard

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My website is informational, the whole purpose is to give people information certain shootings, gun control, and the different side that people take.
It a website
The audience is people that want to learn about different shooting and the different views on gun control. Also people that know a little bit about the topic, but want to know more.
The purpose is to inform people about shooting and with all the information they can pick what side there on whether it be pro or anti gun control 
The situation was there was information on the topic but it was scatter all over the internet and I wanted to make a website where it was all in the same place.
What did you research and why?
I researched shootings and gun control and the different side that people take when it comes to this matter.
What did you create and why?
I created a website because I thought it would be cool to have a website that has information about different shootings that compare them and have information. If would be very help and give you a lot information that people want to know but don't want to look for.




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