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Hannah Behl

Page history last edited by Sharon Murchie 4 years, 8 months ago


MODE- Informational
MEDIA- website
AUDIENCE- Anyone that wants to learn more about the skeletal system, anyone dealing with injures like growing pains, and hip injuries, anyone dealing with concussions, and anyone dealing or stress, depression, and anxiety. 
PURPOSE- To inform people about the skeletal system.
SITUATION- Requirements to make a decent and professional website. Meeting the requirements for the genius hour rubric project. 

What did you research and why?
I researched about the skeletal structure, the injuries that you can have, the concussions and what they can lead into, and stress, depression, and anxiety. These all can affect the skeletal structure. The theme I was going for was health. I researched these subjects and topics because most of these things I have a personal experience with and I wanted to learn more about it. After researching everything, everything is happened within one skeletal structure and it can impact you for the rest of your life.

What did you create and why?
I created a website. I created a website because I wanted to be creative with it and make my own spin on a website. 




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