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Landen Schmidtmann

Page history last edited by Sharon Murchie 2 years, 5 months ago


MODE- informative

MEDIA- Website

AUDIENCE- This audience would be the English 3 teacher or anyong that would be interested in quantum mechanics or the plausibility of lightsabers.

PURPOSE- This was created to inform people on the current technology being used in quantum mechanics and to entertain people with the relation to lightsabers and light whips. This is to inform people about what current day scientists are working on and different advancements in science.

SITUATION- I think science and the different things that we are discovering are interesting and it helps to be able to relate it to things like star wars and other well known things in society. To make this website I did research and found quotes directly from the researchers themselves on the topics of their discoveries and the possibilities of these findings. 

What did you research and why? I researched how objects are created from light. I did this because I am a nerd and find things like this interesting. I think it's interesting to be able to explain the science of science fiction movies with actual science. Its interesting that you can take this massless object, no weight, and being able to make a large object but have it weigh nothing. Imagine a full sky scraper that has no weight to it, you can lift it with your bare hands and have no problem.

What did you create and why? I created a website, because I thought this would be the easiest and best to portray the information I was trying to represent. Then website showed the information in the best way I wanted it to be showed. 




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