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Mitchell Bjorne

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MODE- Informal
MEDIA- Website
AUDIENCE- Anyone who is interested in learning more about the massive volcano under The Yellowstone National Park.

PURPOSE- To help people learn more about one of the largest volcanoes in the world that could possibly erupt in the near future.

SITUATION- I came across the topic and wanted to learn more about. I then realized that it was quite interesting and kind of scary.

What did you research and why?
I researched the Yellowstone Supervolcano which is a massive volcano underneath the Yellowstone National Park. I heard about this topic a while ago and wanted to learn more about if it was going to actually end the world or not.

What did you create and why?
I created an informational website that tries to educate people on what is actually going to happen if the Yellowstone Volcano does end up erupting. I thought a website would be the best way to present the information that I researched. I created the website because it would have answered all my questions I had when I began researching this topic.




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