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Grace Dilday

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MODE- Nonfiction/informative, persuasive.
MEDIA- The media type is an informative website.
AUDIENCE- The audience is people who want to learn how to help conserve and protect wildlife and people who already make donations or are taking action to help endangered species.
PURPOSE- The purpose of this website was to inform people about why conservation and helping wildlife is important and how they can play a role in the cause.
SITUATION- The situation is that there are many endangered species and not enough if being done to help them. A main reason they are endangered is because humans destroyed their natural habitat. Now humans need to do something to help fix the environment and get the endangered species populations up. 

What did you research and why?
I researched about animals and different threats to them by humans, such as trafficking and destruction of their natural habitats. I researched this because if we don't act now these endangered animals will be gone and we won't be able to get them back. If an animal is removed completely from its ecosystem, then the whole ecosystem becomes unbalanced. This could lead to population issues of prey and predators, a decrease in one or the other.

What did you create and why? 
I created an informational website about why conservation of wildlife and their habitats is important. I volunteered in a zoo over the last two summers and developed a love for animals and wanted to see them thriving in there natural habitat, but if the populations of the multitude of endangered species keeps dropping that won't happen. The ecosystem of an environment depends on all the living things within it, meaning if something is removed the whole thing could collapse.




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