Madison Haring

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MODE- You could look just about anywhere for an online school. Typically done by location.
MEDIA- My media of this is a blog, this blog give a lot of my own personal opinion, along with some other facts I had picked up while researching the chosen topic.
AUDIENCE- Anyone who would be looking into online schools, such as parents of a child, or even the student.
PURPOSE- To educate and give the audience my own personal opinion about Online schools. Maybe even convince the people looking into them.
SITUATION- I've been looking into online schools, so that's what had influenced me to write my blog about this specific topic.

What did you research and why?
I researched benefits on online schools opposed to the traditional schools. This has been a topic I have been very interested in latey, as I have been looking into switching to online schools.

What did you create and why?
I created a blog for this assignment, because along with some facts about the schools, there is also much of my own personal opinion.




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