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Lindsey Matsumoto

Page history last edited by Sharon Murchie 5 years, 10 months ago


MODE- Educational/Research
MEDIA- Website
AUDIENCE- The intended readers and views of this source is Mrs. Murchie and for anyone who wants to learn facts and information about the structure, functions, and interactions of the human body. The incidental audience is anyone who happens to stumble across my website.
PURPOSE- The purpose of this webpage is to provide research and educate more people about the human body and provide informational facts and explanations of specific processes and systems that occur in the human body, which include information about the human mind, the human internal systems, human body movement, and human interactions with the environment.
SITUATION- When I was researching about the human body, there weren't a lot of sources that provided information about multiple themes of the human body. I also wanted to know more about the human body because I think it is important to know how your body works and what scientific terms and phrases of the human body mean. To create my website I have to research aspects about the human body, like the human organs, internal processes, diseases and disorders, human tasks and performances, and human internal and external interactions. I will have to meet the requirements given by Mrs. Murchie for the Genius hour Project. 

What did you research and why?
I researched specific parts systems, interactions and processes that occur in the human body. I researched information about the 11 internal systems in the human body, the human mind, human body movement, the interactions between the human body and the environment, and fun facts about the human body. I researched information about the human body because I think it is important to know how your body works. If you learn more about how your body works, it can help you stay healthy. The subject of the human body really interests me and I am passionate about learning science specifically human anatomy.

What did you create and why?
I created an informational website about the human body. A website was the best choice to create because I had a lot of facts and and information to include. My purpose for my project was to educate and inform, so the best way to do that was a website. I had many sources from the research I have done, and by creating a website, I could hyperlink the sources I got a specific information or an idea from. By building a website, I was able to create subpages for the themes I wanted to address about the human body. In my website I have 7 subpages, which include Homepage, Internal Systems of the Human Body, Human Mind, Human Body Movement, Human Connections with the Environment, Fun Facts, and a Works Cited page. This webpage makes it convenient to learn more about the human body. This webpage is very user friendly, so it easy to use and find information.



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