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Chloe Spaulding

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MODE- This is an informational and persuasive nonfiction video.
MEDIA- I presented my information in the form of a youtube video.
AUDIENCE- People who are looking to add a dog to their family, young adults to older people, those who are passionate about rescuing dogs, and people who watch youtube videos.
PURPOSE- To inform, and to persuade my audience to choose shelter dogs and save a life. 
SITUATION- This is a growing issue in today's world and shelter dogs need our help. I'm passionate about spreading awareness and bringing life to these dogs. 

What did you research and why?
I ended up narrowing my project down to rescue dogs. I had to research a lot about shelter and euthanization statistics. In addition, I needed to understand why dogs are given up and why rescue dogs can still be great pets. I researched this because I believe it's an important issue that needs to have awareness spread and something that I'm passionate about.

What did you create and why?
I created a short informational video. I created this because I wanted something visual, that people could watch quickly and gain a lot of information from. I wanted it to be interesting and creative and a video was the best option for what I was looking for.



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