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Alexia Villarreal

Page history last edited by Sharon Murchie 2 years, 3 months ago


MODE- Informational resource, written as if I was talking to the audience directly.
MEDIA- Website through Wix.
AUDIENCE- People who are worried and want to find the answers to their oddball questions. 
PURPOSE- To make a website where people can quickly go and look up their random questions and get a short informational response that they can easily understand. I wanted this site to give them a place that can just be a quick thing they can pull out to get to the point fast instead of having to go through a 4 page essay to get a two sentence answer.
SITUATION- Genius hour project. I used my paranoid tendencies and odd thinking to look up questions that people might wonder about, though I decided to use some of the more common questions in my site to make it more open to the majority of people.

What did you research and why?
I researched "How likely is it for your car to be stolen?", "Are there factors that make it more likely for a cat to get run over?", and "What makes teens so wild?". I decided to research these because I felt a lot of people could be wondering about these and hoping to avoid these situations. I also was interested in these myself and wanted to incorporate them. I was concerned about the car because my family has been the victim of car thefts multiple times and I want to be able to avoid this in the future with my own car and cars of my family members. I wanted to know about the cats because I have multiple cats distributed between my parent's houses and I wanted to keep them as safe as possible. I also was interested in knowing the reason behind teenager's crazy antics because I can't understand myself, my siblings, or my peers. 

What did you create and why?
I created a similar place to Wikipedia but it's more specific to questions of why things happen, warning signs, and how to avoid them. I did this because I've always had trouble finding exactly what I was looking for when research the questions that pop into my head and I wanted a site that had the stuff I was looking for and could help anyone who is similar to me in this aspect.




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