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Tyler Dunlap

Page history last edited by Sharon Murchie 2 years, 1 month ago


MODE- Informational/ research
MEDIA- Website
AUDIENCE- Pet lovers and Anyone that would like to learn about hybrid animals
PURPOSE- Hope to inform people about hybrid animals and teach them something they didn't know
SITUATION- I always liked hybrid animals like ligers but didn't know much about it or hybrid animals. after hearing about them I started to learn more and more about till it used it for this project. 

What did you research and why? I was originally researching tigers and albino tigers till I found there wasn't much to research about. once I switched to hybrid animals I found it was more interesting and had a lot of stuff on that topic to help me research on it and learn more and more on to make a good project on. It also keep me engaged after everything I read. 

What did you create and why? I made a website because I wanted to inform people about hybrid animals on both the good and the bad sides about hybrid animals. I didn't want to just voice my opinion on this topic and people might fall asleep so I did a website. I tried to inform but in a way not to make people not fall asleep while reading the website.



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